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November/December 2014

Author Introduction

Kimberly has long been involved in media discussion, engaging others in conversations about the implications of television, film, and other artistic creations on society. In 2010, she took on a more official role in these discussions by becoming a staff writer on a number of media review blogs. 

Her interests are wide, ranging from watching the Winchesters' adventures on Supernatural to reading the latest independent comics. You can learn more on her About page or drop by her Twitter or Livejournal for some further discussion.

Kimberly is currently a staff writer for three media blogs: Fandomania, SpoilerTV, and Nerds in Babeland. You can find all her articles linked from this site.  If you have any media materials that you would like her to review, or would like to invite her to your convention as media/guest, please see the Contact page or write each blog's editor directly.

Current Status of the Writer

Kimberly completed her first paranormal fantasy novel in 2011. After years of concentrating on short stories and novellas, she set out to expand on a previous idea and turned it into a full-length novel. The polished manuscript is ready for agent submission. Querying rounds are underway!

In the meantime, Kimberly decided to try her hand at NaNoWriMo for the first time. She had an idea for a second book and thought the challenge would be a perfect time to expand upon it. While she set out to do a novella, the characters had other ideas. The outline has now expanded into a full-length novel and is ready for agent rounds.

Kimberly recently completed her third novel, another paranormal, and is working on a fourth book in the same genre. She loves writing, exploring new characters and seeing where their adventures take her.

She is also currently a judge for the Rainbow Awards, which awards excellence in LGBT fiction, as well as an editor with JMS Books. She also writes short stories under a pseudonym, a number of which have been scheduled for anthology release in the coming months.