In her youth, Kimberly could most likely be found in the local library, devouring books that covered everything from WWII History to Dr. McCoy's latest adventures aboard the Enterprise, with some X-Men thrown in for good measure. Once she had read everything that was on the shelves, she turned around and read them again. Kimberly was also known to create elaborate adventures that more than once made it to the page. Ink-filled papers gave way to overflowing computer memory as the years went on, but the stories never ceased.

Saturdays were often reserved for PBS re-runs of Doctor Who during the daytime and re-runs of Red Dwarf during the night. It was the closest a girl from North Carolina was going to get to an adventure in space or a close encounter with the UK. Her latest television adventures have taken her across the United States and across the galaxies. She enjoyed Stargate: Atlantis until it sadly went away, but she's consoled herself with the adventures of the Leverage crew and the Winchester brothers, and they help immensely.

Kimberly has degrees and certificates from UNC-Chapel Hill in the areas of American History, Religion, Creative Writing, Public Health, Technology and Communication. When she passed her Mensa entrance exam, she did not pull a John Sheppard, thank you very much. And, yes, she has a favorite astrophysicist (Neil deGrasse Tyson). Doesn't everyone? She also designs and programs websites in her daytime hours. During her nighttime hours, she can often be found online commenting on the latest media revelations of the day in between commenting on the latest fanfiction she read.